Storm Frontで大爆笑。次のTBショウゲストは彼らだ!!

 私が Storm Front(SF) の魅力あふれるパフォーマンスに接したのは、TBが2011年PPC(バーバーショップ環太平洋大会)でブリスベン(オーストラリア)を訪れた時のディナーショウでした。






 そこに SF が登場、小一時間のショウは終始抱腹絶倒。満場の聴衆のあちこちでドッカンドッカン爆笑が起こり、終わってもしばらくは、笑いが止まらず困ってしまうほどでした。

 ディナータイムではオーダーの取り違えなど多少のアクシデントがあったものの、みんな  SF が巻き起こす笑いの渦にに引き込まれて、思い出の一夜は大した揉め事にならず済みました。

 その時、私は「次のTBショウはこれだ。ゲストは SF に頼むしかない!!」と心に決めたのです。

(GEO 栗本)

Storm Frontの演奏例:ディズニー作品『モアナと伝説の海』から、「俺のおかげさ」

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  1. LOL by Storm Front~ They are just the guests at the next Tokyo Barbers Show !!

    I was exposed to the fascinating performance of Storm Front at the dinner show when Tokyo Barbers visited Brisbane (Australia) at the 2011 Pan Pacific Barbershop Convention.

    The place where a round table for 10 people is roughly 120 and with about 1,200 people are full is a huge banquet hall that can be called an arena. It was an unprecedented scale event for me that I had never seen in Japan.

    When I saw the amazing size of the hall that I could play rugby football, I was discouraged that I didn’t know when the meal would come, but 10 minutes after the dinner time started, Customers were starting to eat at all the tables I could see. No, it was nothing but wonderful.

    At dinner time, waiting for the Storm Front quartet, the number and density of people is amazing.
    Although the main dish is a short-form menu with only a choice of chicken or beef, it was not the situation in the picture by the time the meal starts, and costomers were so crowded that the waiters can not walk through without the side steps. The situation was such that the customer’s hand holding the fork hit the next person and the food slipped onto his nose and forehead.

    Still, the waiters with headsets received orders of additional wine with well-trained, fluid movements. It seemed to me to “feed (distribute) to the poultry farm.” (Laughs) ,but actually, I rolled my tongue.

    I was still worried about how messy the kitchen was, and I was very shocked like it was an incident. As I said, everything was unheard of for me.

    The show time for an hour was full of laughter from beginning to end. There was a lot of laughter here and there all over the crowd, and even after it was over, the laughter didn’t stop for a while and I was in trouble.

    The only thing I was so sad on Storm Front’s show was that I seated far from the stage.
    Although there were some accidents such as a waiter was mistaking my order at dinner time, everyone was drawn into the whirlpool of laughter caused by them, and in memories of that night it did not become a big issue.

    At that time, I decided that “I must ask Storm Front for the guest at the next Tokyo Barbers Show !!”.

    (GEO Kurimoto)

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