StormFront meet a June Bride

 2015年第9回ショウの後、ゲストで来日したカルテット、Storm Front ストームフロント(2010年BHS世界チャンピオン)を案内していたところ、目黒の小さな公園で結婚式の前撮りをしているカップルがいて、お祝いにカルテットから一曲プレゼントしたときの動画です。



StormFront meet a June Bride」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Kazのデータを代理でYouTubeにアップしたのですが、Sydから下記のコメントが入っていました。
    「This is an amazing moment that we’ll always remember. Thanks for capturing it on film!」
    Syd : StormFrontのbass

  2. Storm Front meet a June Bride

    After the 9th show in 2015, when guiding Storm Front (2010 BHS International Champion) Quartet who came to Japan as a guest, there was a couple taking a pre-wedding shot in a small park in Meguro, and this is the video of a song send from the quartet to the couple for celebrating.

    The bride was a person who had studied abroad in the United States and was impressed by the understanding of the English lyrics.

    It can be said that they will make listeners burst into laughter on the show stage, but at this time, the gentle singing voice that sincerely congratulates the couple in the sun was rather impressive.


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